Sunday, February 24, 2013

Valentine's Day Manicure Review- Hearts INCOCO Nail Sticker decals

During December I bought some nail stickers or nail wraps whatever you want to call them from

I bought the plain french manicure strips, A purple gradient color and these hearts during a sale.

This is my first time using this product from this brand. and I must say I am not to pleased or happy with the way my nails turned out.

Let me start off with my thumbs, it was hard trying to get the bigger nail strips to fit my thumbs correctly which you see here it did not turn out so good. I couldn't even get a perfect or close fit with my thumbs so I had to deal with the gap on the sides. The package includes 16 strips for 8.99 I think I paid. And on the package it says these strips are only good for a one time manicure. I think for the price and being a one time use is pretty expensive.

The nail strips did last 2 full weeks but during that time the strips started to peel and flake off at the edges of my nails and even at my cuticles. Within one day my index finger chipped a littler which was pretty sad for this product. I wish this was not a one time use and I could have saved my extra strips for a future manicure. But once you pull these out it says it dries quickly if you do not use them right away.

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