Monday, July 15, 2013

Hot pink nail polish for Summer time - Sinful colors in 24/7

Hello Glam R Us Kids,
here is another manicure I did while back using Sinful colors in 24/7 and the five below green polish as the flowers hand painted by me.

I am still trying to find a dupe of the Color Club laser pink I believe it is called? It is a bright neon pink or bright baby pink I would like to call it.

Recent trip to Ocean City Maryland.

Hello to my glam R us kids,

I am going to post a few pics when I recently visited OC MD. Or some would call it Ocean City.
 Saw this tshirt screen print in one of the T shirt shops. And it reminded me of me, Born in the 80s. Or made in the 80s.
 Sign we saw in the shop that was cool to pose with had to take a picture of this mural.
And mermaids, who cannot forget mermaids? I love mermaids ever since the little mermaid came out as a kid that was my fave disney princess. And I saw this mermaid statue in the middle of the mall had to take a pic.

Nail Polish Manicure-Blue gradient nail manicure with animal print nail art KONAD

Hello everyone 

this is one of my recently done manicures I did. I did a blue gradient look for summer time that reminds me of the ocean and pool. I also did black animal print konad nail art.I added china glaze fairy dust on top to give it some much needed sparkles.

Five below nail polish and Nail Art Stamping

Hello everyone,

recently I bought the brights collection at five below. The brand is fresh paint. It is the five below brand. I believe this is a dupe of China Glaze highlight of my summer but then again I am not sure since I do not own that yet but in pics it looks similar.

I did the stamping using a hot pink matte nail polish

Sun Kissed Vox Box from Influenster

Hello everyone,

Today I am posting a picture of the sunkissed vox box I got from

it is complimentary review sent by influenster to test out products and review them, do surveys and challenges. I am not getting paid for this. There are other companies that send out products just to test for feedback and surveys.

The box includes:

New Olay bb fresh cream in fair to light
 * I must say that this color is to light for my tan skin at the moment so I couldnt really test this out without making my skin look bad. But my tan is fading so I will give this a go soon.

Dr Schols inserts
 * this is actually my 3rd pair. I bought some before and have them in my boots and heels. I do say that they help with the balls of my feet when wearing killer heels.

Sinful colors nail polish in new gel shine

Ouchy goodless new elastics