Monday, July 15, 2013

Sun Kissed Vox Box from Influenster

Hello everyone,

Today I am posting a picture of the sunkissed vox box I got from

it is complimentary review sent by influenster to test out products and review them, do surveys and challenges. I am not getting paid for this. There are other companies that send out products just to test for feedback and surveys.

The box includes:

New Olay bb fresh cream in fair to light
 * I must say that this color is to light for my tan skin at the moment so I couldnt really test this out without making my skin look bad. But my tan is fading so I will give this a go soon.

Dr Schols inserts
 * this is actually my 3rd pair. I bought some before and have them in my boots and heels. I do say that they help with the balls of my feet when wearing killer heels.

Sinful colors nail polish in new gel shine

Ouchy goodless new elastics

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