Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Holidays- My first December Holiday/Christmas Manicure Look- China Glaze and SnowFlakes.

I created my nails by doing a gradient. I used OPI Short Story which is a light blue. I than used China Glazed Blue year's eve and Nicole by OPI me + you (justin Beiber collection). After the gradient was done I applied China Glaze Fairy dust. My next step was to add the snow flakes. I used decals for that. On my ring finger and index finger I applied rhinestones. you can barely see them but they are there. Hope you enjoy this Holiday look.

Shine so Bright - Blue Star Manicure Nail Polish - Orly Snow cone

Here is one of my November Manicures. I used Orly Snow cone and China Glaze Fairy Dust. I also applied few star shapes to my nails which I bought at 5 below and it was cheaper then what Sally's had them for.

Another Makeup look

I tried using a new technique. I did a smoke eye look and blended the creases out with a firm smudge brush which gave me of a more defined look in the crease. Again photos are not great but it is something to show my handy nifty work.

My going out makeup look and heels

I recently went to a wedding and I would like to share on the makeup I did and the beautiful sparkly heels I wore to a wedding.
 I did a silver and black smokey eye look. You really can not tell that good from this picture. I took it with my Iphone camera which sometimes well most of the time sucks.
 Better look here on my way to the wedding.
and the Heels I wore. I feel in love with them at first sight and had to buy them a year ago. My toes are painted silver to match my mani. 

My Leopard Animal Print Nails for October I did

Hello Everyone,

I am back, and I am sharing with you some of my nails designs I did for October, November and December. I recently posted my Purple gradient nail look.

Here is my animal look I did in October. I used OPI and Kiss Nail Dress stickers.

November Gradient Nails using - Silver and Purple

Here I did my nails in a silver and purple gradient.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Green gradient nails to end the summer with

a mint green gradient with a dark aqua color on the tips.

Time for another gradient look from my vacation

so the above photos I took is the manicure I did for my beach vacation. The gradient is coming off a little bit blue in the photos when really it has mint green colors in it more so than blue.

I am thinking of doing a step by step tutorial on how to do gradient nails my way :)

I used the konad zebra plate for the two fingers you see with the design.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Summer time Bronzing Primers I Use- Laura Geller

These are my bronzing primers I use during the summer time. I love love love the Laura Geller bronzing primer as you can tell from bottle. This does last me a long time. I purchased this bottle maybe last summer or right before last summer and it is still lasting me.

the Color Science Primer I only used a few times. I felt that this went on heavier and a little thick so I am not obsessing about this product. I just wanted to show you guys what I reach for when adding bronzer to my face.

 Sometimes I will only apply the primer to my face because the Laura Geller will give it a nice sheen and little bronze sparkle to my face where I wont have to over do any of the powder bronzer.

Sponged Animal Print Nail Art Look- Stamping and Sponging with Bright Gradient Colors.

A few weeks ago I did my nails using the sponged technique again and stamping nail art. 

I painted my nails with white nail polish first so my colors I used over top would come out vibrant. I just used a pink and blue nails polish over white. I then used one of my nail art plates and stamped the first half of the image with pink and repeated with blue. Excuse the messy polish around my cuticles I was in a hurry.

Social Media- Follow me on Instagram and Pinterest, Twitter

Just another quick update about social media. If you glam kids want to follow me on any of these sites here are the links.

Thanks for reading and coming by, Drop by one of my sites and subscribe or follow me

Brown Smokey eye shadow look with outfit of the day

Hello to my lovely glam R us kids.

Last weekend I was celebrating my friends birthday dinner. I bought this dress from Deb Shops for $13 bucks online compare to in store it was $34.99 but was not on sale in store. I don't understand why stores do that online has different sales compared what is in store sometimes. Anyways I bought this dress for the dinner and did my makeup to match.

Beach Cruisin' with Orly Beach Cruiser Nail Polish and China Glaze Fairy Dust

 Hello to all my glam R us kids out there. Today I am posting about my nails from last weekend's manicure I did. I used Orly Beach Cruiser and China Glaze Fairy Dust. Seche Vite as a top coat to make my nails shiny.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Hot pink nail polish for Summer time - Sinful colors in 24/7

Hello Glam R Us Kids,
here is another manicure I did while back using Sinful colors in 24/7 and the five below green polish as the flowers hand painted by me.

I am still trying to find a dupe of the Color Club laser pink I believe it is called? It is a bright neon pink or bright baby pink I would like to call it.

Recent trip to Ocean City Maryland.

Hello to my glam R us kids,

I am going to post a few pics when I recently visited OC MD. Or some would call it Ocean City.
 Saw this tshirt screen print in one of the T shirt shops. And it reminded me of me, Born in the 80s. Or made in the 80s.
 Sign we saw in the shop that was cool to pose with had to take a picture of this mural.
And mermaids, who cannot forget mermaids? I love mermaids ever since the little mermaid came out as a kid that was my fave disney princess. And I saw this mermaid statue in the middle of the mall had to take a pic.

Nail Polish Manicure-Blue gradient nail manicure with animal print nail art KONAD

Hello everyone 

this is one of my recently done manicures I did. I did a blue gradient look for summer time that reminds me of the ocean and pool. I also did black animal print konad nail art.I added china glaze fairy dust on top to give it some much needed sparkles.

Five below nail polish and Nail Art Stamping

Hello everyone,

recently I bought the brights collection at five below. The brand is fresh paint. It is the five below brand. I believe this is a dupe of China Glaze highlight of my summer but then again I am not sure since I do not own that yet but in pics it looks similar.

I did the stamping using a hot pink matte nail polish

Sun Kissed Vox Box from Influenster

Hello everyone,

Today I am posting a picture of the sunkissed vox box I got from

it is complimentary review sent by influenster to test out products and review them, do surveys and challenges. I am not getting paid for this. There are other companies that send out products just to test for feedback and surveys.

The box includes:

New Olay bb fresh cream in fair to light
 * I must say that this color is to light for my tan skin at the moment so I couldnt really test this out without making my skin look bad. But my tan is fading so I will give this a go soon.

Dr Schols inserts
 * this is actually my 3rd pair. I bought some before and have them in my boots and heels. I do say that they help with the balls of my feet when wearing killer heels.

Sinful colors nail polish in new gel shine

Ouchy goodless new elastics

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tropical Beach Manicure My multi colored bright gradient for summer time

I am back with another gradient nail look I did on my recent memorial day trip to the beach. I wanted something bright and colorful for my beach trip so I opted for this look.

Excuse the little chipping and pinky mess up.

I used:

sinful colors 24/7 as the pink

Circus nail poilish in yellow

Five below color as the lilac its their new brights collection out now.

Five below color as the mint green color

China Glaze aquadellic as the hint of blue


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Essie Mint Candy Apple and Kiss Nail Dress Zebra Print Nail Stickers

Last weekend I did my nails with Essie mint candy apple, and on my ring finger I decided to put zebra rhinestone nail decals over top of the polish. I have had kiss nail dress nail stickers for some time now.
Sorry if the pic turned out blurry my iphone keeps acting up again.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Another gradient nail effect for this week's manicure- purple, green and pink mixed together

Here is my second gradient nail look.I made sure this time to use a much more true base green on top of the white where it does not turn blue.

I didnt want to part a sparkly top coat over this so I can see what it looks like with out those extra sparkles. I didnt realized also when applying my top coat It did blur all the imperfections which blended some of the lilac color I used into the green and now yo can hardly see the lilac color I used.

Spring Time Gradient Nail Polish manicure from last week Pink and Blue effect

Here is my first ever attempted gradient nail mani I did.

I think it turned out ok for my first attempt.

Items I used:
White nail polish as base - 2 coats

Essie Mint candy Apply- I Sponged two coats and yes for some reason on white it turned out blue instead.

Five below baby pink nail polish

China Glaze Fairy dust

Rock hard top coat

For some reason i guess since mint candy apple is so light like a light mint color and when applied on a white base it turns out blue.