Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Summer time Bronzing Primers I Use- Laura Geller

These are my bronzing primers I use during the summer time. I love love love the Laura Geller bronzing primer as you can tell from bottle. This does last me a long time. I purchased this bottle maybe last summer or right before last summer and it is still lasting me.

the Color Science Primer I only used a few times. I felt that this went on heavier and a little thick so I am not obsessing about this product. I just wanted to show you guys what I reach for when adding bronzer to my face.

 Sometimes I will only apply the primer to my face because the Laura Geller will give it a nice sheen and little bronze sparkle to my face where I wont have to over do any of the powder bronzer.


  1. I hate when people overdo the bronzer, you are suppose to look radiant not dirty lol. I haven't tried this line yet.

  2. Yes must try this brand, the primers are so wonderful, the bronze primer doesnt make me look like a dirt bag