Thursday, December 29, 2011

CVS Haul- The annual CVS Sale

I got a few things from CVS recently, I heard each year around this time they mark certain beauty items 75% off and 50% off on some of their beauty products. I picked up some

I bought Shimmer strips for Hazel eyes I believe, I have blue eyes but I really liked the colors in this palette, I found a correcting powder and gel eyeliner for hazel or green eyes.

Physicians Formula items because they were totally 75% off. Physicians Formula can get pretty expensive with their items. Like their bronzers and shadows range from $10.99 and up. So this is a good deal to scoop up on from this brand.

I saw beauty brands from Maybelline marked 50% off, Revlon 75%-50% off, Physicians Formula 75% off and other items. Note that you have to look for the stickers that indicated the percentage sale on them.

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